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The Berkley Bands are a staple of the Berkley School District and Community. Acting as ambassadors to our schools, the Bands continue to represent the district and community with pride and enthusiasm, both nationally and internationally. The Bands continually receive praises and accolades at District and State festivals, as well as Solo and Ensemble.

Since 2012, the Berkley Music Program has been recognized annually by the National Association for Music Merchants (NAMM) as one of the best Communities for Music Education, and the community continues to take pride in the excellence of sound that the Berkley Bands create.

The whole problem can be stated quite simply by asking, ‘Is there a meaning to music?’ My answer would be, ‘Yes.’ And ‘Can you state in so many words what the meaning is?’ My answer to that would be, ‘No.’
— Aaron Copland

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2325 Catalpa Drive
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Adam Collins

Doug Engle

Tim Folmar

Berkley Instrumental Boosters