Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the premier concert ensemble at Berkley High School. The members of this ensemble strive to create on a higher level of musicianship and technicality, performing some of the best literature available to wind bands today. The Symphonic Band regularly receives Superior ratings at festival, earning strong accolades for their achievements. In the past, this ensemble has traveled to various destinations throughout the United States.

Wind Symphony

The Wind Symphony is Berkley's middle ensemble. This group also regularly receives high ratings at MSBOA Band Festival, and many of the members of the Wind Symphony also partake in the Marching Band and Jazz Ensembles. The group also performs many quality pieces of literature for the band medium.

Marching Band

The Berkley Bears Marching Band is the largest and most visible of the ensembles at Berkley High School. The Marching Band's season starts with band camp, where the members learn the basics of marching, as well as the halftime and pregame programs presented at each home football pregame and halftime. The Berkley Marching Band also regularly receives Superior ratings at MSBOA Marching Band Festival, held each Fall.

Jazz Band

Berkley prides itself on its strong jazz program, consistently performing and presenting itself as one the top jazz ensembles in the state. In the past, the Jazz Ensemble has been featured performers in many settings, including New Orleans. The ensemble is comprised of top members of the Concert Ensembles, and meets before school for rehearsal. While the Jazz Ensemble is an auditioned ensemble, any musician wishing to perform jazz may partake in the Lab Band, also held before school.

Concert Band

The Concert Band is for students wishing to further develop their technical abilities on any given instrument. This class allows for students to focus on the individual aspects of their playing as well as what it means to perform in an ensemble setting. This group performs many developmental pieces to help the musicians grow.