MSBOA State Solo and Ensemble Festival Proficiency Information and Rules

A. Entrance Requirements

1. All senior high school soloists (10th, 11th, 12th grade) must perform in the Proficiency Examination Section. Having passed Proficiency I in the previous year, the entrant must enter Proficiency II, etc. If an entrant fails to pass Proficiency I the previous year, he/she may repeat Proficiency I.

2. The following categories are open at each grade:
10th grade -- Proficiency I, may not enter II or III
11th grade -- Proficiency I or II, may not enter III
12th grade -- Proficiency I, II, or III

B. Rules and Information

1. Proficiency Exams:
a. Wind and String Instrument Proficiency examinations consist of three sections:
1. Scales 25 points
2. Sight Reading 25 points
3. Prepared Solo 50 points
b. Piano Proficiencies consist of four sections:
1. Scales and Arpeggios 15 points
2. JS Bach Invention/Fugue 15 points
3. Sight Reading 20 points
4. Prepared Solo 50 points
c. Snare Drum Proficiencies consist of three sections:
1. Stick Control 25 points
2. Sight Reading 25 points
3. Prepared Solo 50 points
d. Melody Percussion Proficiencies consist of three sections:
1. Scales and/or Four Mallet Chord Progressions 25 points
2. Sight Reading 25 points
3. Prepared Solo 50 points
e. Timpani Proficiencies consist of three sections:
1. Sight Reading 25 points
2. Prepared Etude 25 points (Prof. III Students must prepare both Etudes I and II)
3. Prepared Solo 50 points
f. Mixed percussion soloists must play proficiency requirements 1 and 2 on either snare,
mallets, or tympani.

2. Scales: (Note: these appear on the following pages) The student must be prepared to play the scales listed for his/her instrument in the rhythm and tempo indicated. Scales must be memorized. Articulations for winds will be all slurred or all tongued. Strings use bowings on String Proficiency page. Melody percussion only roll the last note.

3. Piano Invention or Fugue: (Piano Solo events only) The piano invention or fugue does not have to be memorized. The adjudicator's copy of the Bach Selection will be provided by the State Association. Piano entries play the scale and arpeggio as a unit and are rated on them as one item.

4. Prepared Solo
a. The student may prepare a solo of any length, but not less than two minutes or no
rating will be given, and the judge shall have the right to start and stop the student
in the solo as he/she desires. The judge must be furnished an ORIGINAL (*),
numbered copy of the solo, other than the one used by the student, for adjudication.
Remember, no ORIGINAL (*) numbered score, no rating. The solo which the student
performs in the Proficiency Examination need not be the same solo used for
qualification in the District Festival.

5. Sight Reading
a. Sight reading is to be prepared by a designated committee appointed by the
President of Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association.
b. Sight reading shall be graded according to the Proficiency level.
c. Sixty seconds will be allowed for study of proficiency sight reading. Following this, the
student shall begin to play.
d. Proficiency sight reading will be waived for all blind or visually impaired entrants as
determined by their director. Full credit will be given.

6. Percussionists
a. The entry fees for Percussion Proficiencies (and Piano) are higher because the
examinations are longer.
b. No equipment will be provided for the Percussion Proficiency Examinations.
c. Stick Control proficiency rudiments are not cumulative. Rudiments must be performed
slow-fast-slow at a consistent volume.

7. Miscellaneous
a. Each examination is allowed a total of 12 minutes, 5 minutes for solo and 5 minutes
for scales and sight reading (and Inventions and Fugues). (Piano and Percussion
proficiencies are allowed a total of 16 minutes.) The break-down of time is left to the
discretion of the adjudicator, however, he/she must hear five scales or five stick
control rudiments and the sight reading in addition to the solo. Generally, the solo is
played first, to allow the accompanist to leave. However, adjudicators will give the
students their choice of the playing order of the proficiency items or sections. In each
event the adjudicator is allowed two minutes in the schedule to complete the written
and/or oral comments.
b. A total of 85 points is required for successfully passing any proficiency examination
provided all sections have been attempted. c. A Proficiency Certificate which can be
completed by the music director will be issued with each rating sheet bearing a
passing score.