District and State Solo and Ensemble

District Solo and Ensemble for the 2018-2019 school year will be at Brighton High School on Friday, January 18th in the evening, and all day Saturday, January 19th. The deadline for registering for Solo and Ensemble will be Wednesday, October 31st.

Fees for District 4 Solo and Ensemble Festival

Instrumental solo                      $10 + accompanist

Piano Solo                                 $18

Ensembles:                              duet - $18      trio - $24      quartet - $32

                                              quintet - $40  sextet - $48  septet - $56  octet - $64

Chamber ensemble                 $7 per person, 9 or more people


Once deadline for registration passes, no fees are refundable.


Make checks payable to: Berkley High School (Memo: S&E Festival) 

An event is not registered unless the FULL cost has been paid before the deadline.  If any member of an event fails to pay before the deadline, the entire event is considered late and the event will be subject to a late fee.  Because MSBOA sets up this festival for students that are members of school bands, students that drop band must be dropped from festival without refund.

**Piano accompanists must be arranged on your own.  The accompanist fee will usually be due on performance day.  Students that drop out at the last minute will still be expected to compensate the accompanist for preparation time.  NOTE: This accompanist fee is paid in addition to solo registration fee.

(High School) State fees for high school students who qualify are not consistent with district fees.  Fees are slightly higher for high school state solo & ensemble festival.

A student’s reserved time of performance is not known by the director until about 8 days prior to the festival.  If a student ends up with a time which is in conflict with a family schedule, it is the responsibility of the student and family to approach the director immediately to resolve the conflict in order to ensure participation.

I           Performance of the highest caliber – medal awarded & events qualify for state festival  II          Performance of quality, with minor flaws – medal awarded
III         Performance with promise, but many flaws – no medal
IV-V      Performance with many flaws and weakness – no medal

What is it?

Solo and ensemble is an event sponsored by the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association that allows students as soloists or as small groups to prepare music to be played before an adjudicator.  Students learn musical independence by performing in small-group settings and hear individualized feedback from an expert on the instrument family on which the student performs.

Who can participate?

Students in Grades 7-12 that are regular members of a school band or orchestra can participate in the solo and ensemble festival.  If a HS student earns a “first division rating”, they qualify for state festival in March.

How do I register?

Your event must be paid in full by check before the registration deadline.

What if I miss the registration date?

District 4 charges a $100 fee if our school registers events late.

From where do I acquire music?

The band director can assist in the process of selecting music.  MSBOA has certain guidelines for music to be played at the festival, including:

·        All parts that are written for that piece MUST be played, including piano parts.  Piano parts may not be omitted.

·        Music must be written to be played at this type of event.  Students may not play a page from their band music.  It must be written expressly as a solo or as an ensemble.

·        Students may play only one person per part.  Students may not “double” (i.e., 4 people playing a piece written as a duet for 2 people)

·        Events MUST exceed the MSBOA time minimum of 90 seconds for middle school, and 2 minutes for high school.  Repeat may not be added to artificially lengthen the piece of music.  Repeats may be omitted, however, as long as the resulting performance still exceeds the minimum time limit.

·        Music must be drawn from classical, romantic, “traditional band” repertoire.  Show music, pop, and jazz pieces are not acceptable for this type of festival.

Things that will result in an event not getting a rating:

·        Not having an original score for the judge (or an original part if a soloist)

·        A part/line not being played (trio, but only 2 players show up)

·        Doubling (2 or more players on a part)

·        Event is too short (less than 2 minutes)

·        All parts being played are not notated in the score.

·        Piano part written in score but not played.


·        3 months prior – student registers, receives music

·        3 and 2 months prior – event works with director at least once and soloist contact an accompanist.

·        2 weeks prior – events have worked with director at least 3 times.  Soloists have worked with accompanist at least twice.

·        Week before – students work with director at least one more time.  Exact performance times and maps will become available from MSBOA.  Soloists work with accompanist at least one more time.  If you are going to perform at a time other than the one listed on your event sheet, make sure your accompanist knows when and where to meet you.

·        Day before – student has original music for judge and all accessories necessary to play, including reeds, valve oil, ligature screws, etc.  Take your instrument and music home on Friday night – the band room will NOT be open Saturday morning.  All players must have music for their event, including the piano player if necessary.

·        Day of Festival – Dress nicely; Bring original and personal copy of music; Arrive 45 minutes before performance time; All copies of music must have a number in every measure; Pay your accompanist, if you have one.  Play, receive rating.

It is the responsibility of the student and their families to arrange for help times with the director.  After-school help can usually be arranged on 24 hours’ notice and the director is available most days at lunch time to assist with preparation.

Question regarding solo and ensemble festival? Email acollins@berkleyschools.org